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Dodge Hellcat IHI Turbo Twin Screw Supercharger Performance Rebuild

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Let Jon Bond Performance re-manufacturer your Dodge Hellcat IHI Turbo twin screw supercharger head unit and drive snout like new and include a 6 month unlimited mileage warranty! If you suspect that your supercharger is making noise- STOP using it and check your belt idler pulley or other items for noise. If it continues, waste no time sending it in for a rebuild.

Please use the Repair Request Form to send in any supercharger for repair. It does NOT require pre-approval. Superchargers are assigned an estimate number after they arrive.


  • All superchargers are 100% disassembled, inspected, and an estimate provided at no charge. Diagnosis of the failure will be provided. Approval must be provided by the customer to continue.


  • Rebuilds are a flat $680 USD plus parts for general rebuild labor. General rebuild labor is defined as cleaning and reassembly of the supercharger to replace all bearings and seals in the head unit and drive snout. Extra fees for labor will be charged to remove or repair broken or stripped bolts, repair case or rotor damage, and or to remove clean manifolds and intercooler setups.

  • All bearings, seals, grease, and oil are replaced with quality components. JB Performance PTFE dual lip seals and ceramic oil are used for a sure seal and lower gear case operating temperatures. More than $1,300 in parts is spent on high speed name brand ceramic bearings. ALL bearings are name brand ceramic ball. We will not assemble or repair any unit that cannot be properly re-manufactured or warrantied. Final testing is provided on an electric dyno for noise testing.

  • Whenever possible, JBP will use custom JB Performance PTFE lipped racing seals. We have these made to our specifications due to the high shaft speeds, high temperature, and high boost pressures that superchargers receive. We can also repair or replace damaged seal race surfaces.

  • An optional upgraded airfoil is available for the front bearing plate as well as professional porting to allow more airflow to enter the supercharger. Modifications to the timing mechanism, drive hub allow for better retention at higher RPM.

  • The rotor pack coating will be upgraded to a ceramic based coating. This coating will not chip, flake, or peel. It is not affected by methanol or other fuel types.

  • JB Performance also provides an exclusive oil developed and tested by Tribodyn and JB Peformance. The ceramic technology developed delivers 40F to 90F degrees lower gear case temperatures.


  • 6 month limited warranty when properly maintained. Limited warranty covers bearings, seals, and JBP labor to replace the failed part. It does not cover damage from improper maintenance, exceeding manufacturer's maximum RPM, damaged to rotor timing from engine detonation, continued use when making noise, shipping, or the labor to remove/install it on the vehicle. Requires supercharger head/drive snout to be returned for analysis. Directions on proper care and how to prevent failures is supplied with a rebuild.


  • If you would like to know when the item arrives at JBP, please use tracking. JB Performance will contact you as soon as the inspection and estimate are completed as well as when the rebuild is completed.


  • Rebuilds are on a first to arrive basis. Once started, rebuilds can take 3-5 days from inspection to final testing. JBP stocks all common consumable parts for 99% of all units. Should you require expedited repair, JBP does offer 1-2 day turn around time for an extra fee. We will work overtime to complete your rebuild and can return ship the item using your choice of shipping time. Permission must be granted by JB Performance. Expedited labor fee is increased by $400 USD.

Return shipping:

  • All return shipping will include tracking, signature. Insurance must be requested by the customer to receive insurance. USA shipments are UPS, while Internationl shipments will have UPS or USPS provided as options. Typical cost for USA shipping is around $1 to $1.50 USD per pound.


  • All oil must be drained out of any supercharger with a vent. If your uncertain, drain the oil. Oil can leak out during shipments. This can damage packaging materials, boxes, and even clothing. Shipping companies can charge a fee for improper packaging and even stop delivery.

  • Any loose hardware must be bagged or boxed. JB Performance will not be responsible for items damaged in shipping to or from JB Performance. Use a sturdy box about 4 inches bigger than the supercharger. Package it with solid packaging all the way around the unit. Pink solid styrofoam works best. We also have expanding foam bags on our website. Do not use spray foam in a can and a plastic garbage bag. It will melt the bag and stick to your supercharger. We charge extra to clean this up. Stay away from foam peanuts. They do not hold the large heavy mass in place and can easily be crushed. Take extra precautions to protect plastic parts, bypass valve, and the supercharger pulley. 275lb double wall boxes are the best choices. You can find packaging materials and supplies at ULINE. The drive pulley, drive snout, supercharger head unit, and the bypass assembly (if available) MUST be sent with your supercharger.

  • JB Performance does offer UPS pickup of your package for a fee. We need to know the weight and size of the box. UPS will bring the label. Someone will need to make the box available for UPS. This fee costs about $1 USD to $1.50 USD per pound and is only available in the USA. It is the customer's responsibility to request insurance on the package.

JB Performance conducts electronic export paperwork for fast customs clearance of international shipments.
  • Model: Rebuild services
  • Shipping Weight: 120lbs
  • 999 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: JB Performance

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